We are offering UK based businesses free, full-service cloud IT for up to 3 Months.
DesktopLive Free for up to 3 months

DesktopLive from Managed Networks gives you the best of both worlds. A complete Microsoft Windows desktop, with the full Microsoft Office suite and Exchange email and collaboration, delivered to you over the Internet, wherever you are and whatever you're doing.

You can use it from the office from a desktop PC or a thin client or on the move from a laptop - with full support for working offline. You can even use it on your phone or tablet. While you're enjoying freedom to work as you please, we're keeping your data safe in our London and Leicester data centres.

Managed Networks is a proper cloud service provider – we're not just badging someone else's service. We own and operate the whole solution, so you can be confident you always know where your data is and who has access to it. We back our promises with a comprehensive availability guarantee and our world-class customer service. Whether you need to work on the move, link multiple offices together, allow staff to work from home, protect your business against IT risk, reduce your carbon footprint or improve your IT without expensive up-front costs, DesktopLive from Managed Networks is the answer.

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